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Registration Fees

Complimentary registration to staff of PLRB member insurance companies

$450 for PLRB Affiliate Member
$595 for all others

The registration fee covers all workshops and materials, beverage breaks, and receptions.

Attendance Qualifications

PLRB meetings and conferences are open only to those employed by the insurance industry and those who, as their primary business, provide goods and services directly to insurers. Others, such as public adjusters, brokers, and agents, are not invited and may not register nor attend. Any such uninvited person found attending the Conference will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund. Determinations regarding eligibility to attend will be made solely by the PLRB. Under rare circumstances, an exception to this policy may be granted if PLRB determines that an exception is in the best interest of its members.

Requests for the granting of an exception to the policy must be submitted to PLRB in writing. Granting of an exception is valid only if in writing. If you have any questions about this attendance policy or determinations made pursuant to this policy, please contact PLRB management in writing as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds less a $50 processing charge will be made for cancellations received by 30 days prior to the conference. No refunds will be made after that date. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to "Substitutions" may be accepted at the discretion of PLRB. "Substitution" means that a co-worker/co-employee of a registrant attends this entire event in place of the registrant. Requests for substitution must be submitted to the PLRB in writing by the registrant.

Photos and Videotaping

During PLRB programs and events, photos and video are taken for the benefit of PLRB. By attending, you consent to the taking of these images and the use of your likeness within the images for PLRB’s commercial use.

ADA/Special Needs

If you have a disability or limitation that may require special consideration in order to fully participate in the Conference, please contact PLRB at 630-724-2200 or email as soon as possible so we can efficiently accommodate your needs.

Join a prominent gathering of top-notch claim professionals and service providers from across the nation in Fort Worth, where we'll:

  • Evaluate a variety of large loss claim scenarios through interactive workshops and learn with the industry's best and brightest
  • Share knowledge, insight, and experience in adjustment and resolution strategies with large loss claim professionals
  • Connect with large loss adjusters and service providers from hundreds of disciplines and specialty areas

Adjuster-led workshops encourage active audience participation, and provide an opportunity to learn from and with many of the industry's leading experts and performers. Classes are offered in three large-loss tracks:

  • Commercial Lines, Property Claims
  • Personal Lines, Property Claims
  • Casualty Claims

Who Should Attend? Large loss claims adjusters and managers, supervisors, general adjusters and EGAs, complex case managers, senior claims management, and service providers who work with these claims. This is an excellent program for those who aspire to or are being groomed to adjust large and complex property and casualty claims within their respective organizations.

Presenters with significant knowledge and industry experience as well as variety.

The high quality of the presentations and the high quality of the audiences -- experienced adjusters with lots of useful contributions.

Chance to expand to additional perspectives.

The people...always the people. PLRB staff is always outstanding, the speakers are prepared, and the attendees are eager to mingle and learn!

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Avoid Red Herrings, Red Tape & Red Faces

  • Casualty claim with breach of privacy, first amendment, co-employment, immigration, concealed carry, and default issues
  • Recognize dangerous conditions that may result in premises liability claims
  • Implement a rapid response team to investigate and retains experts to preserve evidence and privilege
  • Reduce insured's potential liability, minimize damages, and avoid or set aside default judgment
  • Avoid potential ethical issues that arise when attorneys become investigators or represent employers and employees with potential conflicts of interest

Urban Renewal Claims

  • Identify coverage issues related to weather and construction techniques in a downtown environment including historic buildings
  • Analysis regarding first-party and third-party claims including number of deductibles, warranties on the policy, and additional coverage
  • Provide strategies related to the difficulties of construction and associated risks involved when working within the city environment
  • Describe risk management techniques when working next to existing buildings including condition assessments and vibration monitoring
  • Determine new and pre-existing damages related to the demolition, shoring, and new construction

Recent Battles Over Appraisal: When Worlds Collide

  • Determine whether and when a claim is appropriate for resolution by appraisal
  • Respond to an appraisal demand when appraisal is not an appropriate strategy or means of claim resolution
  • Evaluate whether the appointed appraiser and umpire are "qualified" (e.g., competent and impartial)
  • Timing and mechanics for objecting to an "unqualified" appraiser or umpire
  • Basis and timing for seeking to vacate an appraisal award

PLRB greatly appreciates the following claims service providers for their outstanding support for the 2017 Large Loss Conference.



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