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Workshops are 2 hours in length and held twice during the Conference. They address the wide variety of challenges, from coverage to investigation, from evaluation to resolution that confront adjusters and claim managers on a daily basis. Instead of "dry" lectures, you'll be encouraged to actively learn together with a large number of industry peers in every class. You'll hear the latest developments and strategies from subject experts, and learn what others across the industry, and across the nation, are doing with various claim issues and challenges. Over two days you'll be able to attend up to six two-hour workshops on a wide assortment of claim topics.

Adjusting Large & Multi-Claimant Construction Defect Claims: Liability & Coverage Issues


Bryana L. Blessinger JD, , Shareholder, Bullivant Houser Bailey PC
Kenneth R. Gilvary, PE, President, Revizion Inc.
John B. Mumford, JD, Partner, Hancock Daniel Johnson et al

  • Initial assessment to determine potential exposure of insured contractor or subcontractor, as well as coverage where multiple insurers on same risk
  • Methods to resolve key coverage issues, including: existence and number of occurrences; policy triggers where construction and water intrusion continued over multiple years; coverage for damage to the insured’s work, and other issues
  • Responding to tenders by general contractor for coverage as additional insured or pursuant to contractual indemnification, and dealing with other carriers in terms of their contribution to settlement or payment of judgment
  • Methods for determining covered versus non-covered damages where case is tried to jury verdict (including intervention, special jury instruction, and post-verdict allocation)
  • Handling claim in class action environment and impact of same on defense
  • Claims Handling Landmines in Complex Auto Liability Claims

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    John P. Buckley, CPCU, JD, AVP-Claims, Western National Insurance
    David B. Krouk, JD, Partner, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig

  • Identify claim handling pitfalls in a complex auto accident claim involving multiple exposures in excess of the policy limits
  • Address medical lien issues affecting the adjustment of catastrophic injury claims
  • Develop strategies to address competing time-limited demands exceeding policy limits in the aggregate
  • Resolve issues related to damage evaluation, exposure to the insured and prioritizing competing liability claims
  • Address unrepresented claimants, incompetent claimants, deceased claimants, and overall settlement strategy
  • Cyber Incidents, Crisis Response & Claims Handling

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    Gregory J. Bautista, JD, Partner, Wilson Elser
    Serge Jorgensen, President & Founding Partner, Sylint Group, Inc.
    Louis Pippin, AIC, Vice President/EGA, McLarens
    John W. Turner, Global Director-Crisis Mgmt., McLarens

  • Identify the characteristics of a security incident that may lead to a Cyber claim, including the difference between an incident and a data breach
  • Determine if a security incident compromised data, public or private
  • Has a security incident triggered a reporting duty–are there statutory obligations to notify impacted individuals depending on the jurisdiction?
  • Identification of any coverage issues, including which policy responds
  • Review costs and damages associated with security incident claims
  • Expect the Unexpected: Damaged Windows, Unanticipated Claim Expense & the Dangers of Sublimits

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    Shana Bereche, Esq., Senior Claims Specialist, Nationwide Group
    Jonathan Schwartz, Attorney - Partner, Goldberg Segalla, LLP

  • Identifying the pitfalls associated with sublimits and an insured's demand for independent counsel
  • Competency, excessive fees, and regular communication with independent counsel
  • Equitable remedies an insured or claimant may pursue if the available sublimit is not properly communicated
  • Strategies for dealing with multiple claimants and insufficient limits
  • Potential bad faith failure to settle actions arising from insurers' insistence on the application of sublimits
  • Assessing the costs and benefits of adhering to sublimits and when to negotiate settlement beyond the sublimit
  • Just a Short Training Drive

     CPCU  DE  FL  NC  OK  RPA  TX

    Eric R. Eide, JD, Attorney, Grower Ketcham
    Chris Stewart, PE, Consulting Engineer, Forensic Engineering Tech.

  • Implementing a rapid response team for catastrophic accidents
  • The implications of onboard video in a catastrophic accident and how to use it to your advantage
  • Handling incomplete or inaccurate public agency investigations
  • Effectively deal with lay witness statements and expert witness opinions

    The Planning Committee and staff are finalizing the workshops to be offered at the 2019 Large Loss Conference.
    Please check back in mid-May.

    Join a prominent gathering of top-notch claim professionals and service providers from across the nation in Nashville, where we'll:

    • Evaluate a variety of large loss claim scenarios through interactive workshops and learn with the industry's best and brightest
    • Share knowledge, insight, and experience in adjustment and resolution strategies with large loss claim professionals
    • Connect with large loss adjusters and service providers from hundreds of disciplines and specialty areas

    Adjuster-led workshops encourage active audience participation, and provide an opportunity to learn from and with many of the industry's leading experts and performers. Classes are offered in three large-loss tracks:

    • Commercial Lines, Property Claims
    • Personal Lines, Property Claims
    • Casualty Claims

    Who Should Attend? Large loss claims adjusters and managers, supervisors, general adjusters and EGAs, complex case managers, senior claims management, and service providers who work with these claims. This is an excellent program for those who aspire to or are being groomed to adjust large and complex property and casualty claims within their respective organizations.

    Interacting with other insurance professionals. The educational experience. Thinking outside of the box, and being inspired to create, innovate. Challenges to the status quo, and disrupt current approaches.

    How the sessions were set up-discussion from experts on the panel, then case study and audience participation.

    Complex loss case studies and network opportunities and vendor interactions

    It was nice to mingle with other claim professionals and share experiences

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